A Comprehensive Zyppah Rx Review

There are several products in the market that purport to alleviate the snoring problem. It is, however, unfortunate that most of them are not effective. The Zyppah Rx is one of the snoring solutions that you get in the market. The flashy and sporty green tool with a black color scheme is an exceptional mouthpiece that solves snoring problems with its effective double action approach. Although is relatively new in the market, it has made a reputation of making nights quiet to its users. It makes use of tongue stabilization and jaw adjustment technologies to achieve its purpose.

Zyppah Rx Review

Zyppah rX Review: How it works

This wonderful Zyppah Rx tool works in two ways. First, it opens your airways by holding and pushing the lower jaw forward. This holds tight the loose tissue in the neck and around the jaws. The loose tissue is the one that vibrates when sleeping and, as a result, you start snoring. B holding it tight, vibration ceases and you can no longer snore.

The second way it works is through an elastic band positioned at its back. Your tongue is held in place and cannot slip back into your throat. The slipping back of the tongue has been identified as one of the main causes of snoring. When the tongue is held back, snoring victims can no longer disturb their sleeping mates. The two mechanisms of its operation are unique innovations in the market since no other product offer solution through this double action. Breathing is facilitated by a breather hole positioned at the device’s front part.


>It is relatively small in size than other mouth pieces in the market. This ensures that it does not configure the size of your mouth.

>It is light in weight which reduces its impact on your mouth’s components and organs.

>It is made of high-end materials and is, therefore, safe to use.

>Although it does not have a guaranteed lifespan, its U.S. based manufacturer states that it should last for more than a year.

>It has a 30-day money back guarantee to cater for cases where it fails to work for consumers.


>Although it is an innovation of the latest technologies, it lacks the jaw advancement feature. This is a necessary and common feature in other devices.

>It can lead to muscle pains and aches or reduce the effectiveness of jaws and teeth to mismatching size of your jaws and their placement area.

>Fitting the mouthpiece is a challenge because it lacks trays that help guide teeth to their place.


The price of Zyppah Rx varies depending on the vendor , but is moderately priced compared to other mouthpieces. Most of the vendors retail it at about $80. The money back guarantee is, however, provided by the manufacturer only and other vendors may not be party to it.

Zyppah rX Conclusion

The Zyppah Rx is a comprehensive approach to eliminating and reducing snoring disturbance when sleeping. Its quality and effectiveness have seen it create a good reputation in the market. Through its hybrid solution, it has outperformed other anti-snoring products. Give it a try and it may turn out to be the perfect solution for your snoring partner or friend.

Does Zyppah RX Work?

Does Zyppah RX WorkSnoring poses a problem not only to yourself, but to your partner and all those around you whenever you sleep, such as your family, or friends during vacation or sleepovers. Especially when it becomes too loud and to the point that it gets annoying, an effective device will relieve members of your entire household and give everyone the good night’s sleep they’ve longed for. Putting it to a stop will give you that much needed rest and sleep through the night. This is where Zyppah RX comes in, with the makers claiming that it stops snoring in an instant.

Experience something sort of a miracle to happen to you when you get impressive results incredibly from the first night you wear it! The first question you may have in regards to this stunning idea would be ‘does it really work?’ and to find out, we will go further in finding out about this product.

Zyppah RX vs other products

Other devices simply do the job of moving your jaw forward. It is indeed effective if done right, since the snoring sound goes away when you bring your jaw forward since the passage of air reopens. While these devices may help stop snoring, they obstruct a person’s sleep rather than help with such device in their mouth. Most are constructed of hard plastic, but can be addressed if one acquires a more expensive model or have it customized to have a better fit. Zyppah RX is unique as it combines both features into one reasonably priced product that is able to give you utmost comfort with its custom-fit design. Now, how does it do that?

The Snoring Solution

Zyppah RX works at two different levels, first would be the same way of fixing the jaw’s position, then it goes beyond by making sure that your tongue does not get in the way as well. The device features a patent-pending elastic material that holds and stabilizes it, but not to the extent that you feel any gagging issues. Clear of the tongue and the jaw kept forward, this ultimate combination is one that works 100%. The personalized fit is achieved through what we can refer to as the ‘boil and bite’ feature. As it implies, you just boil it to make it softer in such a way that you can bite it down and molds in your teeth . It stays in place and secured perfectly in your mouth. For a fully relaxed and satisfying sleep, you may want to lay down on a special pillow or become a side sleeper.

Does Zyppah RX work?

Now that we know what’s behind the scenes, this product is distinct from the rest by giving you more features that makes its price worth it. It is ideal for long time sufferers of snoring for they will come to finally find a solution to their problem. It is also best for those who are starting to notice snoring before it gets any worse. The great thing about it is, you can see for yourself because they allow you to try it for totally free. With only the shipping cost to pay, you can get and use it without any hassle and worry since they back it up with a very assuring 100% 30-day money back guarantee. This only shows that they are confident enough with their product, boasting of over 10 years of research originally developed by a dentist who aimed to help solve sleep apnea and snoring. Use Zyppah RX and get that well deserved, calm and peaceful sleep.

Zyppah RX Benefits Overview

Zyppah RX BenefitsWe all may have experienced snoring at one point in our life, and that is considered normal. But when it happens most of the time, almost everyone in the household is affected. It might be a relatively small problem but snoring eventually seeps in and disrupts daily routing, mental health and overall well-being. Fortunately, technological breakthroughs in science and modern wonders are finding ways to combat snoring. One of the products available on the market is the Zyppah RX, pronounced as “Zee Pah”. Let us take a look at what Zyppah RX is and what benefits it provides to bring relief to the chronic snorer.

What is Zyppah RX?

Zyppah RX is a device that you fit in your mouth when you are ready to sleep or to take a nap. It is not that simple, though- Zyppah RX contains a lot of features that will be explained. It is BPA-free, hypoallergenic to eliminate any other complications that may arise for the user, and has a two-action approach to remove snoring. The first feature is that the Zyppah RX opens up your airways by gently pushing the lower jaw, therefore tightening the neck tissue and the jaw that often vibrates when slack. The second feature is the special elastic band that is at the back of the mouthpiece which holds the tongue in place and prevents it from falling back. The tongue that often falls back is one of the major causes of snoring. These two features are tested and proven to be safe and effective against snoring, and no other product has offered this double solution yet as of now. The Zyppah RX is fitted specifically for each person using the common boil and bite method and it works by softening the device into hot water before fitting into the teeth’s surface. Biting down on it when cooled will form impressions and retains its shape for a comfortable fit.

Zyppah RX Benefits

It looks like Zyppah RX, when placed on paper, is a perfect product to eliminate snoring permanently, and once you try it, Zyppah RX may be the only device you will ever need. The first good thing about Zyppah RX is that it is designed for the consumer. It eliminates any chance of allergies and other problems by making the product BPA-free and hypoallergenic. Using the Zyppah RX only requires an over-the-counter purchase and it is very easy to use and maintain. It helps you prevent snoring naturally and additional medication is no longer needed if it works, thereby saving you time from visiting doctors, and money by saving you from purchasing medicine. It is small and lightweight, is unobtrusive and hardly feels present. The Zyppah RX will not leave an impression in your mouth and the muscles will not be strained from the use throughout the evening. It is made entirely in the USA and consists of only the best materials available. There is also a 30-day guarantee to test it out and determine if the device is best for you. The best thing about the Zyppah RX is its low entry point cost of only $79.95 and that includes free shipping. Take the first step towards finally living your life snore-free and try out Zyppah RX now!

What Causes Snoring?

What is snoring?

Snoring is the noisy breathing a person produces when sleeping. Snoring is common to all people regardless of age and gender. Although it is not taken as a cause for concern, about 40% of people in the world snore. It can occur intermittently or nightly. People who are overweight are, however, more prone to snoring particularly males. The chances of men snoring are higher than in women. The condition also intensifies as an individual gets old. It can lead to disruption to your sleep, as well as, those who sleep around you. By fragmenting your night’s sleep, it leads to poor daytime function that is marked by sleepiness and tiredness.

What causes snoring?

Snoring results from the vibration of the roof part of the mouth known as the soft palate. The vibration occurs when the lungs strain to inhale (breath in) air through obstructed airways. This usually occurs when muscles of the airways become relaxed or there is excessive accumulation of tissues. Any substance or condition that leads to build up of fatty tissues or promotes muscle relation narrows the airways leading to this effect.

What Causes Snoring

The narrowing of the airways accelerates the speed at which one breathes out and alters air pressure in the air passages. As a result, the soft tissue vibrates by sucking airways’ sides. Colds and enlarged tonsils can also bring about the same condition. The vibrations can damage blood vessels supplying blood to muscles in the neck and head. The muscles weaken over time and their state of keeping airways open is compromised. This explains why people snore more as they age and why the condition intensifies in those who have it.

There are other things and conditions that can increase the risk of snoring such as;

Obesity: Obese people have a lot of fats in their body. For those with fats around the neck, their chances of snoring are higher than those with healthy weight. People with necks that surpass a circumference of 43cm usually snore a lot.

Smoking: Smoking of substances such as tobacco and bhang can make your airways inflamed. When they are inflamed, they narrow and the chances of snoring increase.

Drinking alcohol: Drinking alcohol leads to relaxation of muscles which by a large extent makes airways to narrow.

Use of Sedatives and Antidepressants: The medications have varying effects on people and can, therefore, have the same effect as alcohol.

Allergic reactions: The inside of the nose can become inflamed and swollen because of allergic responses to substances such as pollen and dust.

Genetic factors: some genetic factors such as large adenoids, long uvula, long soft palate, enlarged tonsils, extra throat tissue can cause snoring.

Snoring Treatment

The most effective treatment for snoring depends on factors such as presence of sleep apnea, severity of snoring, anatomy of the airway, body weight, medical history, alcohol consumption, and age. Although there are several available in the market that claim to alleviate snoring, changing one’s lifestyle is the best solution. Avoiding the use of alcohol, sedatives, and eliminating elements that bring allergens in your bedroom are some of the effective measures to curb snoring. Taking regular exercises can also help particularly to the obese people.

Types and Benefits of Using an Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral Appliance Therapy is a form of treatment given to patients with snoring problems and mild obstructive sleep apnea. It involves the use of a small plastic device (oral appliance) to help prevent the collapse of soft tissues in the throat, as well as, the tongue. The appliance keeps the airways open during sleep to promote adequate intake of air. It fits the mouth like an orthodontic retainer or a sports mouth guard. There are over-the-counter devices and custom-made appliances that victims of snoring can use. Dentists trained in handling oral appliance therapy have vast knowledge about the appliance designs and can help determine the type that best suits you.

Types of Oral Appliances

There are two categories of oral appliances namely; mandibular repositioning appliances and tongue retaining appliances.

Tongue Retaining Devices

They are custom made appliances that hold the tongue in position during sleep with the help of suction or negative pressure. It is best suited for patients with large tongues and those with few or no teeth. It is also appropriate for patients whose mandible movement is incapacitated. It is, however, difficult to use and poses problems to patients with breathing problems. It is a tongue and single jaw appliance and usually irritates the tongue’s end.

Mandibular Advancing Devices (MAD)

The device fits over the lower and upper teeth and pushes the lower jaw forward. As a result, some throat tissues and the tongue are brought forward which opens the airway. During REM sleep, the device stimulates pharyngeal muscles to open the airway. There are various designs available, but cannot be adjusted after fabrication. MAD appliances are recommended for use by patients with health teeth and jaws.

Benefits of the Oral Appliance Therapy

For people with mild sleep apnea, therapy with the oral appliances can alleviate the problem. By treating the sleep apnea problem, you reduce the risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In addition, you improve your emotional stability, daytime alertness, and concentration.

It is also easy to carry out since patients can fit or wear the oral appliance on their own. Although it might seem absurd the first time, patients get accustomed to using and sleeping with the appliance in their mouth after a few weeks.

The small size of the appliance makes it convenient for use even when away from home. You can carry it on your bag and use it any time and at place you sleep.

Side Effects of the Oral Appliance Therapy

There are various temporary side effects associated with the use oral appliances. You can experience jaw tension, excess salivation, joint pains, teeth movement, loosening of dental restorations, and sore gums. Based on information provided by patients, 10 percent of them experience joint and jaw muscle pains during the first few weeks of using the appliance. The pain, however, ceases with continued use of the appliance. 20 percent of the patients also experience changes in bite and can have difficulties in bringing their jaws together. This can negatively affect their ability to chew food effectively. These complications can be attended to by specialist dentists in dental-sleep medicine.